Bibipur Model of Women Empowerment and Village Development

  • Through Lado Pustakalayas/Selfie with Daughter Libarary/ e-Lado Pustakalayas, girls and women from the villages are being motivated towards the preparation of Competitive Exams
  • Organizing 'Selfie with Daughter' campaign related competitions.
  • Formation of 'Team Lado' in villages to ensure that every girl and woman in the village saves the contact numbers of Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police , Women Superintendent of Police, Women Helpline.
  • Conducting all encompassing written exams on the laws related to women from time-to-time under the 'Jaagruk Lado- Surakshit Lado' ( Aware Girl- Protected Girl) campaign.
  • Hi-tech under Burkha' – A campaign to empower women from the Muslim Community through the power of technology/internet/social media
  • A dialogue competition organized under 'Tau-Tai Ramp Show' with 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao'
  • Dadi Agar Chahegi, Poti Jaroor Aayegi' – under this a unique dialogue based interaction is organized between a Girl child and her Grandmother
  • Organizing flag-hoisting by mother of single girl child on the occasion like the Indian Independence day and Republic day
  • Best Women Chef of the Village Competition organized at the Panchayat level of local governance
  • Digital India with Lado' under which girls and women from villages are motivated to learn computers to gain basic technological understanding
  • Sabla –Under this program, the complete abolishment of the Purdah system in the Hindu tradition and a ban on misogynistic abusive words used by male community was undertaken
  • Beti ki Badhai' (Congratulations on Girl Child Birth) – Through this, we started the trend of sending in congratulations from all Panchayat members to any household where a girl child was born
  • Selfie with Daughter and Tree' – Under this campaign, we planted trees in the name of girl child within their households
  • Meri Pehchan-Meri Beti' (My daughter is my recognition) – Under this initiative, we spread awareness about girl child in all the villages of the Panchayat
  • Postal stamps released in name of girls
  • Phele Beti ko Bachao, Fir Bhagwan ko Manao' (First save the girl child then celebrate the Lord) – Connecting Women empowerment with the religious sentiments to provide it an impetus
  • The message of 'The New Three Magical Words – Beti Hui Hai' (Girl Child has born- Three Magical Words) was propagated amongst the masses
  • Organizing Gram Sabhas to curb the menace of Honor Killing
  • Putrivati Bhav (May God Bless you with Girl child)
  • Sex Detection before Delivery and Female Feoticide – Organizing Gram Sabha and Seminars on these two topics which are two sides of the same coin
  • Putting nameplates bearing the name of the girl child at house entrances under the 'Kuljyoti' Campaign ( The torch bearer of the gene pool)
  • Under the 'Lado Swabhimaan Utsav' ( Self-esteem of Girlchild Festival) started the campaign to provide girls with economic, social and political share in the society and its functioning
  • Started the tradition of naming the lanes in the name of newly born girl child
  • Girls Safety- Who's Responsibility?- Seminar organized on this topic at the Panchayat Level
  • Coffee with Daughter' program where families comprising only of girls were invited over to coffee with famous Indian women celebrities.
  • Empowerment of Housewives' program to empower housewives
  • PadMitr' (Friend with Sanitary Pads)- Awareness created to increase the usage of Sanitary pads amongst women and motivate the men to provide them with the same
  • Organization of Gram Sabha and Khap Panchayats to curb the menace of Female feticide
  • Making HIV test compulsory at the Panchayat level before marriage
  • Construction of Lado Sarovar (Lake) and gardens for Village Beautification
  • Major roads in the villages named as Lado Marg's
  • Mahila Shakti Sthal' – a meeting place of women of the village
  • Resolution from the Panchayat sent across to Educational boards for the inclusion of sensitive topics like Female foeticide in the curriculum in schools
  • Proposals sent to State Universities on the behalf of Panchayat to conduct research on Gram panchayats and sex ratio related topics
  • Commencing Marriage Registration at the village level
  • Swasthya Lado Abhiyaan'- This program was to organize regular health camps for the women from the village and to provide every households with a dietary chart for necessary for women
  • Lado ki Teez' – In this, during festivals, singing competition based on the names of the girls who had earned fame and name for the state and the country were organized
  • Displaying the contact numbers of Women helpline and responsible Government officials for the same at public places
  • My Profile Pic Women' competition organized where men had to put the photographs of the women in their family as their display picture on Social media from time to time.
  • Beti ki Azadi' program organized every 15 th of August (Indian Independence day) to allow girls to put forth their opinions which were then uploaded to social media
  • Daughterhood' – Families with only girls were asked to put forth their opinion on Women's safety in the society and sending it to the related government departments
  • Inspiring Daughters' program, wherein competions were organized at school and panchayt level on the stories of the girls hailing from villages who had made great achievements in any filed
  • Papa ki pyaari hoti hain Betiyan' (Daughters are Father's Favorite) program, wherein the thoughts and opinions of the villagers were brought out in form of poems and essays
  • Ek khat beti ke naam' (one letter in the name of your daughter) – Letter written by men from the village to married girls from the village living in another villages
  • Selfie with Daughter Classes' – Brings betterment in the social, economical and political status of both men and women. To achieve development and to reduce poverty, women empowerment is a necessity. Strong and capable women increase the productivity of a household ensuring a healthy environment leading to a bright future generation.
  • Selfie with Daughter Festival – Festival to celebrate women participation in rural development
  • Pardeshi Bahu – Maari Shaan'- To fight for equal rights of the daughter in laws from other states residing in our state
  • Womaniya GDP' campaign to include work done by housewives and other women in the economic data and to motivate women towards keeping a account of their financial gains and losses
  • Mahilayon par buri nazar wale, tera muh kala' (Proverb meaning people having bad thoughts about women aren't respected by the society) – To prevent the cases of eve-teasing and other kinds of treatment of women
  • She for Me To create a sense of acknowledgement and appreciation amongst men towards women
  • Sajda – Event to respect women and their unique work
  • Whosoever talks about women rights shall rule the country- To make women aware that they should vote for people who fight for their rights and sensitive towards them
  • Selfie with Daughter for Single Women
  • Property Rights for Lado
Other Important Campaigns
  • Making Gram Panchayat 'Hi-tech'
    1. Online website creation for the village
    2. RTI filing through e-mails
    3. Using mobile messaging apps to establish communication between Panchayat members
    4. Creation of a WhatsApp group in the name of the village o Creation of a Twitter, Facebook and Youtube account of the Panchayat
    5. Using email services to communicate with the respective government departments regarding proposed village work
  • Getting a Pan Card registration for the village
  • Commencing a campaign named 'Swachata Rakho-Purashkar Pao' (Keep cleanliness to get felicitated)
  • Khushiyon ki Deewar/Khushion Ka Bank (Wall of Happiness/Bank of Happiness) – Construction of place in the village through Gram panchayat where villagers can store excess material and the needy can procure needed necessities from there
  • Gaon bane seher se sundar' (Village becomes better than a city) – Project which aims to make villages so beautiful so as to curb the menace of migration from rural areas towards the cities
  • Gaon ki Kahani- Bujurago ki Jubani' – Program to conserve the historical significance of the village by organizing a competition
  • Child Adoption Awareness Campaign